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Cheetah Round Bucket Bag

Cheetah Round Bucket Bag

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Cheetah prints are always the most fashionable choice for all seasons and a perfect staple for every wardrobe but they are now even more on trend than ever before...though we confess it does feel a bit decadent to wear a big cheetah design. Our new hand loomed cheetah bag takes this look to a new level. Toss this handloomed bag over your shoulder with its bold cheetah design and you look and feel like a million bucks!  This year's top fashion print for on trend wearables, wear this bag for daytime when you need a lot of room or use it at home to gather items with - maybe even a bit of laundry, either way, its perfect.

Lined with a fabulous vintage art deco black and white abstract print the combination is delightful.

The black pattern in the lining creates a perfect contrast against the strong cheetah weave and makes it an even bolder fashion choice.

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