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Snake Oil Hat

Snake Oil Hat

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A covered wagon pulled by an old mule rumbles along the dusty trail leading into town, the figure driving keeps his head low and the sun out of his eyes. The wagon rolls into the town square and small groups begin to step out onto the street to see who this stranger is. A lanky fella comes bounding out the back of the wagon; wearing the finest and softest western shirt around. Atop his head sits a gorgeous, structured 5 panel hat. The fella takes a bow and pulls the cover off the back of the wagon to show his wares.

“Come one and come all to see the greatest products this world has ever known! Might I introduce to you the elixir of life, the product that will solve all your problems and bring you unending happiness.

Murmurs and whispers move through the crowd as people wonder what it could possibly be that this stranger has to offer. “Sendero Snake Oil is proven to mend bones, cure what ails you, and save marriages!” The salesman gestures to a man in the crowd “You sir! Why don’t you come on up here to sample my concoction!” The gentleman makes his way to the front of the group and grabs hold of the dusty bottle, removes the cap and takes a hearty swig. After a short pause the man looks up and looks around at the crowd “This just tastes like Lone Star with a shot of whisky in it.”
  • Soft poly cotton twill
  • Embroidered logo
  • Structured high crown 5-panel
  • Easy curve visor
  • Snapback
  • Classic Sendero labels

Made in Mexico
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